Let’s Talk Sushi!

Ashutosh Mukherjee

Asian food never fails to amaze me. It is one of my favorite cuisines and I never let go of any opportunity to try it at a new restaurant. Last weekend, I dined at YUM YUM CHA which is a pan-Asian restaurant in Cyber hub, Gurugram. I tried a number of recipes including the absolutely delightful mochi ice cream for dessert. I will surely share my mochi dessert experience in my next blog; but right now, I will just stick to the sushi rolls. At YUM YUM CHA, I tried the Dynamite sushi, Spicy salmon, and California rolls which were absolutely delicious.  

I still remember my first sushi experience. Cautiously, I took a small bite of a circular, perfectly cut roll which I thought was too large to pop into my mouth in one go!! However, now I am a happy sushi lover. My interest in sushi led me…

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When I looked at them I thought of their safety first. Ofcourse I liked the ornamental gold and silver nose rings worn by these Maharashtra rural women but at the same time I felt unsafe looking at their traditional piece of jewellery. Isn’t it her smile infectous?  Wrinkled forehead and crow webbed eyes tell us […]


INTRICATE: Kutch, mirrors and intricate patterns

soul n spirit

Some of the most creative and exquisite patterns of mirrored embroideries can be seen in world renowned Kutch village of Gujrat, India. The women of Kutch have succeeded in keeping the traditions and culture alive by churning out the intricate embroidery which ornate the entire fabric and embellishes it completely.

An art originated & crafted by nomadic tribes has come a long way to make its niche on international platform. Globally acknowledged Kutch embroidery is one of the finest examples of intricate needlework which depicts various forms, patterns, themes and styles. 



The “mirror work” of Kutch is really a myriad of styles, which present a richly textured map of regions and ethnic groups. Each style, a distinct combination of stitches, patterns and colors, and rules for using them, was shaped by historical, socio-economic and cultural factors. Traditional but never static, styles evolved over time, responding to prevailing trends. For more…

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Black & White Sunday: Perspective and Anti-Perspective

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In response to Paula’s guest challenge: perspective and anti perspective for black white sunday

Prompt: Perspective and anti perspective – guest challenge‘I would like you to challenge the idea that perspective is inevitable in a photo. If you like, make two photos of the same object: One containing as much and the other one as little perspective as you can.’ – Tobias M. Schiel

Here is my interpretation:




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Cee’s Black & White: Numbers

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This week’s topic is Numbers: Anything with numbers on it. This world is full of numbers but the most interesting place I found them on trees in J & K.


Traveling towards Pakistan Border.

URI 079

My elder son is waiting for a Pepsi at Mumbai Airport while number 28 is shining at the back.


This Beer Factory is located in the close vincity of our city. It is a local brand, very famous one. The owner is supplying not only in Maharashtra but he is exporting it in other parts of the country. We went there to visit this site, I took this picture in the packaging department of the factory.


In response to cees-black-white-photo-challenge-numbers

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Play Lexicographer- Postingography

Couldn’t have summed it better…..

soul n spirit

Daily Prompt: Create a new word and explain its meaning and etymology.
DSC_4523This is a term which you all might have known for ages

Many people deal with it whose kith and kin join services

They get posted to new locations after a certain time period

Their biography have been known through various resources

The term Postingography means biography of the brave ones

Who move along with family, their entire house packed in trucks

They were existing when kings ruled many decades before,

Fighting on horses and elephants, for expansion of territories

Belong to small princely states within the country,no outside enemies

Then came Britishers who established colonies and companies

They were part of “Kaali Paltan” of “Goure Saab’ under the queens

Their color of the skin was black when compared to glowing white Brits

Fought with enemy in the world wars and spread the royal kingdom

Later in independent…

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The Tiny Soldier part 9 (Flash Fiction Chain # 5)

Mystery continues……

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img_0814-fileminimizerThis is part 9 of flash fiction chain #5 hosted byPho Trabloggerand inspired by the amazing picture above. This is a collaboration of bunch of writers/bloggers all over the world who create a fictional world with their imagination based on the picture given by host Jathin,Proud to be part of this team. Please visit his blog for previous four series.

To get the context of the story, please read the first eight parts
Part 1 by Abirami
Part 2  by Sona
Part 3  by Yinglan
Part 4  by Dr. KO
Part 5  by Austin
Part 6  by Pheena
Part 7  by Itchy Qiuil
Part 8  by Priceless Joy

Character List:

Rick-10yrs Old

Jenna-Rick’s social worker

Mrs. Montgomery- Foster mother

Jake- Mrs. Montgomery’s son

Sun- The Monkey

***Elaborated Characters*** (The OtherKids Sorted By Tables)

Table 1-Mesa-Boy, 14 yrs oldToro-Boy, 12 yrs oldWheeze-Boy, 8 yrs old

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

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There are few moments which come as a pure bliss in your life, the sight which may have lost once you move ahead while traveling towards the destination. The view is lost but you can never forget the experience, it will remain in your memory forever. The first glimpse of the mighty ‘ Kanchenjunga’ mountain ranges is one of the views I will cherish for rest of my life. Gone, but not forgottenThe magnificent ranges look divine, grand, full of mystery and abode of snow.

(Kangchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world. It rises with an elevation of 8,586 m in a section of the Himalayas called Kangchenjunga Himal that is limited in the west by the Tamur River and in the east by the Teesta River. Wikipedia)



%0A					_001

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Uncle Bob by Default, It’s Me

gud one…

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Hey ! What has happened why are you huffing and puffing?

Miss, Tom and Nicky are fighting badly, boxing and kicking

They were eating their tiffins, argued, shouted, now grappling

Tom grabbed Nicky’s collar, Nicky brawled, both went rolling

Girls passed comments, seniors hooted while juniors were clapping

We  intervened but in vain, threatened them, there was no stopping

We felt helpless thus came to you, Miss please go stop them fighting

I was shocked, felt like Uncle Bob, rushed to sort out the differences

Why I have to be dragged every time  in children’s nuisance and tiffs

 We teachers have to behave like consolers, counselors, arbitrators

Here I come, “Nicky leave Tom, Tom stay away, both of you come to office

What went wrong? Forgot all manners? This is what I taught you? Say sorry

Nicky simply said to Tom


That was the end of my role as…

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